Thursday, March 1, 2018

February Meeting Recap

QuiltCon swag and stories

Our charity quilt at Quiltcon 2018. 

Marilyn Rembolt, Tom Meyer, Sheila Green and Peg Pennell standing in front of our entry.

Another Quiltcon has come and gone but the images and the quilts themselves will be remembered and talked about for years to come. Some of the trends noticed by attending members are the use of browns and blues, a subtle merging of modern and art style quilts, the addition of metalics, both in thread and fabric. Prints, both large and small are making a comeback combined with solids. Another observation was that the shapes in a lot of quilts were more organic, rounder rather than the sharp angles of more geometric shapes.

Lots of swag was had thanks to QuiltCon attendees remembering those of us who could not attend.

Modern Elements presented by Peg Pennell were Negative Space and no borders.

Negative space is the unoccupied area that surrounds the objects, shapes, or forms in a composition.  Negative space can be within a block itself as well as the space surrounding the block.  It flows in, around and between our quilt blocks.  Negative space is a powerful design tool as it gives definition to our composition.  Sometimes the negative space in a composition also forms a design element that becomes part of the composition.

Notice how the space between and surrounding the fish blocks create the appearance of an organized “school” of fish

In addition to defining shapes in a quilt, negative space can be used to create movement, emphasis and interest in a quilt design.  Negative space can simplify or unclutter a design and at the same time draw attention to the focal point of a quilt.  It can also give the eye a place to rest in an intricate design.

Negative space can create an additional design element in block-based designs.   In many block based designs the negative space forms a secondary design element or repeats the design in the positive spaces 

There are rarely borders in modern quilting unless the borders are part of the negative space. 

Linda Gayle salutes her husbands Navy service

Nancy Goff's Valentines gift for her husband.

A beauty done by MaggieRose Copple

Sheila Greens MQG Mini Swap quilt gift

Julie Karjala's MQG Mini swap gift.

Julie Karjala wonky houses 

Remember: Your String Theory Challenge piece is due at the March meeting! If you have any questions, contact us at

Hope to see lots of familiar faces at National Quilt Day!!

Upcoming Events:

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