Whats' good in the neighborhood.

Cosmic Cow Garage Sale 
The Isles at Havelock 
6232 Havelock Ave, Lincoln, NE 68507
 Sunday, March 25, 2018 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.
Admission is 1 item for the foodbank.

Chris Taylor is having a quilt show of her work which will run through March 28, 2018
Textural Colors
Unitarian Church of Lincoln
6300 A St. Lincoln NE
(just east of Pious HS)

Monday thru Friday 9-3 and Sunday 9-1


The twelve members of Fiber Works, from six cities in eastern Nebraska, explore the literal and figurative meanings of the word “closure.” Closure is a rich word with multiple meanings. Closures are physical things that close or shut openings: buttons, zippers, doors, and lids. Closures can be endings of legal agreements, certain mathematical sets, the rejoining of flesh in surgical incisions, or resolutions of psychological issues, or vocal or musical phrases marked by changes in tonal pitch.
Includes works by LMQG members. Runs through April 8, 2018

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