Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August Meeting review

August 25, 2015 The Lincoln Modern Quilt group celebrated the one year anniversary of the founding members.  We held a raffle for fun prizes, gave away some door prizes and had treats. 

Members talked about "Inspiration" and where that comes from when working on projects.   (hoping to get some pics on the FB page soon) Members shared photos, magazines and books, nature, websites and talked about the influence of other quilters in the group. (some links at the bottom of the page)

Mary Farrington-Brown(pres) talked about what needs to be done to join the National Modern Quilt Guild. She shared some of the benefits of belonging to he Nat'l guild as well.  We are moving towards membership dues for next year. Officer elections will be held soon. Please be thinking about what you can do to further this group along. There will be committees to chair. If anyone has program ideas or would like to present a demo to the group please let us know.

Upcoming Improv Sewing day is Oct 10 at 12p.m. at IQSCM. The group will be attempting to do a Round Robin score from the Sherri Lynn Wood book. If anyone is interested there are supplies that need to be prepared before coming that day.  We will not have a discussion this month but start right in on the round robin. Be ready to start at 12:15.
Anyone wanting to sew on their own projects are welcome.

Approximate supplies:
3 yards of large scraps plus 2 -3 pieces that are the WOF and 1/4 to 1/2 yards long.

Fabrics should be cohesive in range of values and have a focused group of colors.

1 yard of Signature fabric. This fabric will only be added by you to each quilt.

some rogue or zinger fabric to throw into your quilt for excitement

an iron and pressing surface of your own or to share since this will move pretty fast it would be nice to have at your own station.

All your fabrics should be in an open box or container.  Each person will start with their own box of fabric to create your first part of your quilt.  When time is up (approx. 20 minutes) you will pass your box and your started quilt onto another member.  The only fabric you keep at your table is your signature piece.   You will now work on the quilt passed to you. Adding fabric to their piece from their box of fabric. You can add as much as you can sew in approx. 15 minutes. Don't forget to add your bit of signature fabric to their quilt.
When time is up the box and quilt will be passed to someone else and you will get a new piece to work on.

Should be fun.  Questions about the Round Robin can be directed to

Juliette Karjala gave our first quilt donation to go to the quilt drive at IQSCM!!! Thank you so much!

Thanks again for having us Bernina Sewing Studio!!!

Website shared at meeting:  for QAL's and challenges as well as BOM  for lots of quilt blocks and tutorials for videos and pattern book for garment and quilting sewing challenges around the blog.

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