Sunday, January 15, 2023

Sew Day Recap January 2023


It was great to see some of our members again after the long winter break.  

Let's see what everyone was working on.

Anita consulting with Elisa and Nancy about her "lipstick cowgirl" bag project.

Anita working on her bag.

Nancy sewing down a hanging sleeve.

Nancy's "Vexed" quilt (pattern and class coming soon!)

 Nancy moved on to piecing some colorful half-rectangle triangles.

Elisa and Sylvia working on embroidery (and snacks).

Elisa recently finished this terrific bag.

Tammy basting her starry Bee quilt.

Jennifer having way too much fun pin basting her "Arithmetic" quilt.

Sarah getting ready to bind this mini-quilt.

It was a busy day that the International Quilt Museum!  We also had visits from Kris and Jennifer, our "neighbors" in the Quilts of Valor group, and participants in Sheila's jacket workshop going on downstairs.


Upcoming Events

Jan 31: Guild Meeting: Deanna Faimon Trunk Show

Feb 11: Collage Workshop

Feb 28: Guild Meeting

May 5-7: LMQG Spring Retreat

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Meeting January 2023

Deanna Faimon Trunk Show


Starting as a traditional quilter, Deanna’s techniques are still evolving, combining techniques from multiple sources including Susan Carlson’s book Serendipity Quilts, workshops with Danny Amazonas, Stephanie Brandenburg with Frond Design Studios, and Laura Heine technique.

See more of Deanna's work on her Facebook page: Quiltilicious

Check out our workshop with Deanna on February 11, 2023: Workshop 


Upcoming Events

Feb 11: Collage Workshop

Feb 28: Guild Meeting, 5:30 - 7 PM

May 5-7: LMQG Spring Retreat


Sunday, January 8, 2023

The First LMQG Event of 2023


Bring your sewing, work on your projects, chat with other members.

Come see our 2023 Community Outreach Challenge quilt before Tammy sends to off to the QuiltCon!

Have you made a wall hanging for Habitat for Humanity?  

If so, please bring it so it can be gifted to a new homeowner!


Upcoming Events:

Jan 31: Guild Meeting, 5:30 - 7 PM

Feb 11: Collage Workshop

Feb 28: Guild Meeting, 5:30 - 7 PM

May 5-7: LMQG Spring Retreat

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Sew Day Recap November 2022


Jennifer McKitrick finished her Habitat for Humanity wall hangings from last time.


Marylin Rembolt working on Habitat for Humanity wall hangings as well.

Progress on the QuiltCon Community Outreach quilt
Tammy Hensley sizing up the blocks.
Laying the blocks out on the floor.
Elisa Salas estimates how wide the quilt will be.

Sheila Green working on a binding.
Beeutifullymodernquilt bee (Jennifer van Dyke, Kris Jarchow, Judy Crocket, Phyllis Higgley and Liz Thanel) work on word blocks for a comfort quilt.
Elisa Salas and Jeni Kuzak working on their projects.
Linda Gale working on a Christmas project.
Jennifer McKitrick finished her English paper-piecing pincushion in pretty pinks.


Upcoming Events:

  • Art Market: November 17 & 18 at IQM
  • Christmas Party: December 3

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Sew Day 11/12/22


Our last Sew Day of 2022.  

We will be putting together blocks for the QuiltCon Community Outreach quilt.  If you have any blocks, pieces, or parts, please turn them in!

Work on your holiday projects and gifts, or just hang out and sew.  

We hope to see you there!


Upcoming Events:

  • Art Market: November 17 & 18 at IQM
  • Christmas Party: December 3


Wednesday, October 26, 2022

October 2022 Meeting Recap

Our meeting was packed with information and activities.  Here are some highlights.


Quilt Presentations

We donated 4 guild-made quilts to local charitable organizations.

Guilded lines was presented to Theresa Gerlach of Habitat for Humanity

Convergence was presented to Jenn Boettcher of Matt Talbot


Coral and Cream T.O.M. quilt was presented to Mandy Suing of Cedars

  Soar was presented to Angie Hilsabeck of Friendship Home


The following officers were elected to the LMQG board for 2023

Co-President - Elisa Salas
Co-President - Nancy Goff
Vice President - Sheila Green
Treasurer - Sarah Maseth
Secretary - Tammy Hensley
Social Media - Jennifer McKitrick


Program: Online Quilt-a-longs with Jennifer McKitrick and Sarah Maseth 

Jennifer and Sarah told us how and why the get into online QAL's, and showed us the results.
Quilts that Jennifer made in online QAL's:
Cheater's Sampler Quilt
Free pattern:
Video tutorials:
2021 Mystery Quilt, Laundry Basket Quilts
Pattern: “Michigan”
Video tutorials:

100 Block 100 Days  

Free Pattern:

String Bean
Free Pattern:
Sarah's QAL projects 

Kantha Sew-along
Alison Glass:

                    The back!

Minecraft BOM
Blog: Seriously…I Think It Needs Stitches
Instagram: @rnkelli

                    The back!


Infinite Hearts

Emily Dennis:
instagram: @emily_dennis

For more information about QAL's, see our resources page.


W.O.M.B.A.T. Project Reveal

Martha Turner explained how she corrected her "design flaws".


Bonnie Kucera explained how she transformed her shaggy scrap project into Ruby Redlocks.

Deb Ebke showed her purple mini which she turned into the back of a collage.

Show & Tell

Part of Deb's old quilt was repurposed to make Santa's coat.

Bonnie proved herself to be the queen of up-cycling with her Mary Gold and Essmeralda.

We ran out of time!  Show and Tell to be continued at the Christmas Party!


Upcoming Events:

  • Sew Day: November 12, 10:30 – 3 at IQM
  • Art Market: November 17 & 18 at IQM
  • Christmas Party: December 3 at IQM, 1:30-3:30.  Potluck!
  • Emily Taylor online collage workshop: February 11, 2023