2015 dp9 Improv-look charity quilt

The basic tutorial for the 2015 d9p charity quilt can be found HERE. 
The layout and design is called a Modernized d9p by Kristy Daum of St. Louis. She shared her tips and tricks to make this come together to have an 'improv' feel. 

Here are the layouts our Mary Dittenber worked up for us: d9p Layouts. Mary put together what Kristy Daum calls the 4-5 ratio. Each block has 4 of our chosen colors and the rest neutrals. 
The colors follow closely to the National Modern Quilt Guilds charity quilt guild challenge for 2016. See below:

Working with the Color Palette
The color palette can be described as white, off-white, sunflower, tomato red, light teal, grey and black. You don’t need to use all the colors, you can be selective if you prefer. The interesting thing about this color palette is the dominance of neutrals combined with primary colors.
QuiltCon Charity Challenge * The red is Kona red but it can be more to the pinky-red if that is what you have. The neutrals are shades of white, off white, grey and black...you choose what will give this a scrappy improv look.
You can use solids or prints.  If you choose a print try to make it a tone on tone print.   Some of the other colors above can be in the fabric if you choose a print. Try not to introduce any other "new" color.  

The 9 patch is made up of 9-5" charm squares or you can cut pwn 5" squares to use.   Use one of the 4-5 ratio layouts Mary provided.  Once they are sewn together press well and trim to 14" square.  After it is square find the center and cut down the middle. Before moving your pieces cut across the middle again. See tutorial above if you are unsure. 
Each 9 patch yields 4 - 7" blocks. 

Please bring the cut 7" blocks to the October 27, 2015 meeting. Make one or more sets!!!!

Thank you to the team of Mary Dittenber and Liz Thanel for working on this and putting it together. 


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