Friday, September 14, 2018

MQG QuiltCon Charity Quilt 2019 Update

MQG QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge 2019 Update

Small pieces coming together to make a big impact!

It has been so much fun meeting up at the UNL Dairy Store to finalize the concept of the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge 2019! (Who can't resist real ice cream on hot Nebraska nights while talking about quilt designs?)

Here is where the group is with the challenge to date:

  • quilt design process is complete and mocked up (see below)
  • small piece blocks have been sampled (see below)
  • fabric has been purchased
  • sew dates in September are being finalized soon

For more information you can visit the MQG website:  Charity Quilt Challenge 2019
On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - no official hashtags, but some popular ones are: #quiltconcharityquilt #smallpiecing #showusyourmqg 
August 28th Meeting LMQG Charity Quilt Challenge 2019 Committee: (L-R) Jim Kohler, Sheila Green, Barbara Chestnut, Mary Ditenber, Linda Gale and Jill Straight.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

September Sew Day Recap

Today the guild worked on Project Pincushion items which benefit the IQSCM in financing new exhibits.

We worked on primarily two types of pincushions, a traditional tufted round and a cute pyramid chicken. Some were stuffed with batting, others with crushed walnuts giving them an almost bean bag feel.

We had a great turnout on a cool Saturday.

Nancy Goff showed us how to make the more traditional looking tufted pincushion. So many ways to decorate and so many different fabrics that can be used from cottons to stretch velour!

Then there are our chicks. Very easy again to produce and also many varieties of fabrics from felt to cotton to mock suede!

Rhonda Eddy came up with this adorable variation..A Bunny!!

Here Nancy shows how you can stuff these pincushions with the ground walnut shells.

Lots of different threads for wrapping and buttons for the centers. The combinations really are endless.

 Any combination of colors and fabrics can be used like these pretty quilters cottons to linens and wool, felt and flannel.

Sheila showed us another type of pincushion done with a wide metal measuring tape so it snaps onto your wrist

Kris  Jarchow did a Biscornu. biscornu is an octagonal pincushion, originating in France, where the name means “quirky”, “skewed” and “irregular”


Show and Tell

Judy Crockett is working on a piece that is made up of organza squares.

Liz shows us a preview of an upcoming workshop Rounded Out at the Sept meeting.

Upcoming Events: 

Minimalism Challenge due at the October 30 Meeting
Holiday Party at the NSEA Bldg December 2 

For more quilt related events in the area see our Community Page

Monday, September 3, 2018

September Sew Day

Bring your sewing supplies, project(s) to work on or something you would like help on. While cutting mats, irons and ironing surfaces are provided, as well as power/extension cords and power strips, please feel free to bring your own as they are limited.


As always we would love to see your Modern Show & Tell!


Bring 6, Take 6 Free Quilt Table!
Bring up to 6 quilt related items and take up to 6 home with you!


Pincushion Demo

Jill Divelbess will present a how to for a chicken pincushion to be donated to the IQSCM pin cushion drive. She will be utilizing a tutorial by Jenny Doan which can be viewed HERE

Also, Nancy Goff will do a tutorial on a classic pincushion

Find out more about this classic beauty HERE

Upcoming Events:

Holiday Party - December 2, 2018 - NSEA Building, Lincoln, NE 3pm-6pm

For more local quilt events see the community page.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

August Meeting Recap

Does Choosing Batting make you Batty 
Discussion Panel

Discussion panel members Chris Taylor, Mary Dittenber and Kristina Morrow

We had a wonderful discussion, with many questions from the members about various batting issues.
Some highlights:
  • There is an 80/20 Cotton/wool batting (available at Calico House.)
  •   When you have use a spray-baste, if it comes loose while quilting, iron it to make it hold again.
  •  When you have use a spray-baste, don’t use it in the same room as your sewing machine, it really carries around the room and may gunk up your machine.
  • Batting with scrim should be placed rough side up (toward the quilt top).
  • You can use washable Elmer's glue sticks to baste (on the fabric not the batting.)
 Everyone in the door received a large group of batting samples from Hobbs.  Encourage sending of thank you notes to businesses.  A group photo was taken to send to them.

Random drawings of batting samples from other companies: Kris Jarchow, Jill Strait, Michelle Raphael, Pat Kant, Elisa Salas, Marsha Dvorak, Janeese Olson, Maggie Copple, Cheryl Kupinski, Jo Jones, Bette Korber, Linda Gale.

Modern Element of Scale with Rhonda Eddy

Scale can be exaggerated by being larger or smaller than the item represented. In art (and quilts), scale is the relationship between the art object and the original object.  It also is the relationship between the art object and the viewer.

Modern Show and Tell

Minimalist Challenge Proposal 
by Barbara Kitsmiller and Mary Dittenber   
Challenge due at the Oct. meeting

Join in the fun of the LMQG Minimalist Challenge August 28th thru Oct 30th.  This Challenge has no rules… YEAH… except you must bring your completed quilt to the October meeting quilted and bound.  That’s it.  (Don’t try to bring one you already started – must be started after August meeting.)  OK, so there are some rules.  Size doesn’t matter – up to you.  Come to the October meeting and see if you quilt is one of the viewer’s choice.  There will be 1st and 2nd place winners.

Murder Mystery Quilt Winner Carolyn Garner 

Upcoming Events: Sew Day, Saturday, Sept. 8, 10:15-3:00.  
Work on pincushions to be donated to FRIENDS of IQSCM Pincushion Project.  Jill Straight and Nancy Goff will share patterns and demo making a pincushion.  Are there others who might like to do so as well?  Bring your machine and supplies for making pincushions or work on a project of your own.

Holiday Party at the NSEA Bldg, Sunday, December 2nd. Sigh up at the September meeting.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

August Meeting Reminder

Panel discussion
 “Do Batting Choices Make You Batty?"

Special batting samples for first 50 attendees.  

Panel discussion with Chris Taylor, Mary Dittenber, Kristina Morrow, moderated by Sheila Green
Batting samples to be given to first 50 guests plus other batting merchandise for door prizes!  Everyone will be a winner.
Thanks to  the Warm Company and Fairfield World for their generous donations!

Modern Element: Exaggerated Scale- Rhonda Eddy

Exaggerated Scale

Increasing or decreasing the size of a classic quilt block. Often modern quilters exaggerate scale.
Scale can also be used by mixing scale ie. jumbo, large and small blocks in the same quilt.

Exaggerated hexxies

Exaggerated geese

Multiple scales of a Bear Paw block

A new Challenge will be presented by Mary Dittenber and Barbara Kitsmiller due in October.

Drawing for the Murder at the Winery Mystery Quilt will be held. 
(Need not be present to win.)


*Proposed changes to the Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild By Laws as presented by the Nominating Committee for 2019 year

From: the Nominating Committee: Mary Dittenber, Sarah Maseth, Kristie Jarchow
To: LMQG Membership

To give flexibility to fill positions of President, Vice President and Social Media, it may be desirable to have Co-officers to assume the responsibility of each office.  We are asking that the following revision be made to the By Laws.
We would like to submit to you in writing the following motion(s) to be placed in the guild newsletter prior to August meeting as well as on the agenda for the August meeting.

Article VI: Officers and Their Responsibilities
Section 1. Officers
The Officers of the Guild's Executive Board shall be up to (2)Presidents,
(2)Vice-Presidents, (1)Secretary, (1)Treasurer, and up to (2) Social Media

In adopting that article change we would also have to amend the following to:
Article VIII: Voting and Elections
Section 2: Executive Board Elections
Only one vote for Secretary and Treasurer will be considered; with up to 2 votes
for President, Vice-President and Social Media Coordinator considered. (one per individual if co-position).

The nomination committee would also like to present a motion to vote for the above article changes at the same meeting in August. This will give the committee time to work with the changes and interested members if need be in order to present a slate to the membership at the Sept meeting.

Thank you,
Sarah Maseth, Mary Dittenber, Kristie Jarchow

Upcoming Events:

Sew Day - September 8, 2018 - IQSCM - 1523 N 33rd, Lincoln - 10:15 - 3:30

For more local quilt events see the community page.

Friday, August 3, 2018

July Meeting Recap

Meet the Maker

Sarah Maseth told us about her journey from a beginning in making clothes, then on to home decoration projects, and eventually finding her way to quilts. Like many she started with a beginning class and made a sampler. From there she found new classes, new techniques and lots of fabric. Even with her busy schedule of work and family, she manages to create stunning pieces for friends, family and herself. Below are just a few of the many quilts and projects she has made, or is still working on.

Modern Element: Modern Traditional with Kristina Morrow

Kristina walked us through the world of Modern Traditional quilts. She sees this technique as more of it's own genre than just an aspect of modern quilting like scale or negative space. Any traditional block can be stretched and skewed, recolored and re imagined in a modern way. Below are some examples she showed us taken from the 2018 QuiltCon show.

Flying geese made with log cabin blocks

More log cabins arranged in a different way makes a completely different quilt.

A herringbone done with solids

Not quite your grandmother's version of a garden, but still lovely

Simple hourglass blocks done in different sizes.

Modern Show and Tell

Barbara Kitsmiller

JoAnne Jones

Kris Jarchow

Maggie Rose Copple

Rhonda Eddy

Upcoming Quilt Events:

September 8, 2018 - Sew Day at IQSCM, 10:15 - 3:00

For more local quilt events see the community page.