Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October Meeting Reminder

Join us Tuesday evening for Make it MODern with Sheila Green. Sheila will show us how to create a modern quilt from a traditional quilt block. Just stitch, slice and rearrange!

We are so excited to see what you created for the "That's Modern Challenge!" Bring your finished challenge pieces to the meeting for the big reveal. Be prepared to tell us your element and a little bit about your process. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please send your piece with another member to the meeting and/or take a photo of yourself with your challenge piece and email it to Jen at by October 31st. 

Liz will begin to accept dues before and after the meeting. Dues for 2018 are $35. 

Bring your modern quilts for Show & Tell.  

In the past, the November Sew Day has been all about our holiday gift ideas. Last year's bag sew along was so much fun, we want to continue the tradition! Bring your ideas for items we can sew together, along with a supply list or pattern information, so they can be included in the Sew Day reminder. 

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday! 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

September Meeting Highlights

From the September 26th Meeting: Tantalizing Tessellations with Nancy Goff 
Nancy Goff "A Tessellation of Ginko" presentation
noun: tessellation; plural noun: tessellations; noun: tesselation; plural noun: tesselations
  1. the process or art of tessellating a surface, or the state of being tessellated.
    • an arrangement of shapes closely fitted together, especially of polygons in a repeated pattern without gaps or overlapping.
Nancy's really into puzzles and if you've ever seen her 15th tessellation of a pentagon quilt, you begin to understand her obsession! Nancy shared all the secrets of her "A Tessellation of Ginko" quilt with us, which we have been admiring since the curves ahead challenge. It is always fascinating to see a person's creative process and Nancy's step by step approach to designing and creating this quilt had some of us hoping that she will write a pattern and teach a class on how to make it some day! Thank you for a great presentation, Nancy! We can't wait to see what mathematical quilt you create next.

Show & Tell

Cynthia, Lora, Kris, Liz

Rhonda, Colleen, Nancy, Linda G

Crafting Culture in the Middle of Everywhere presentation by Dr. Claire Nicholas. She invited our members to be involved in this multicultural community project in 2018.

LMQG August - October Challenge


Challenge pieces are due at the October 24th meeting. Share your progress and see what other members are making with the hashtag #ThatsModernChallenge on Instagram and Facebook! If you forgot what element you chose, contact Jen. 

You can find examples of the 12 modern quilting elements HERE 

Upcoming Events 
October 4 & 5 Road Trip to AQS Show in Des Moines

October 24 LMQG Meeting: MODern Blocks, create modern quilt designs from traditional blocks. "That's Modern" mini quilt challenge pieces due.    

November 11 Sew Day

December 3 Holiday party 3-6 pm "Horrible Happenings at the Winery"

From the IQSCM  

Saturday October 7th

Saturday October 28th

 November 17  

January 13 & 14 MJ Kinman Diamonds workshop

From the MQG  

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

September Meeting Reminder

Join us Tuesday night for "Tantalizing Tessellations" with Nancy Goff.
Nancy will share her process of making "A Tessellation of Ginko" quilt which won the Curves Ahead Challenge.

Bring your modern quilt projects for Show and Tell and hope to see you Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September Sew Day Highlights

Work began on our QuiltCon Charity quilt with lots of cutting, sewing and pressing. Stay tuned for the next sew day for this project.

Jim's birthday is coming up so we surprised him with a Happy Birthday song and cookie. We hope he has safe travels for the next several months!

We enjoyed a visit from our new friend, Marla, who stopped by the museum on her way to Paducah. She was nice enough to help us get started on our QuiltCon quilt! Check out her Facebook page, Penny Lane Quilts. 

Our next sew day will be November 11th, 2017. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September Sew Day Reminder

Join us this Saturday for Sew Day! We will be working on our QuiltCon charity quilt. Please bring your sewing machine and white, off white or lt. gray thread.  It would be good if a couple people could bring cutting mats, rulers and rotary cutters.  Julie will give us a tutorial on how to make the blocks and then we will sew sew sew! Hope to see you there!

Friday, September 1, 2017

August Meeting Highlights

From the August 29th Meeting: "Do it on a Domestic" Domestic Machine Quilting with Rhonda Eddy, Chris Taylor and Liz Thanel

Rhonda showed us how to quilt with rulers

Chris gave us tips on how to quilt with a walking foot

Liz gave us tips on free motion quilting

Thank you to Rhonda, Chris and Liz for giving us an overview of quilting on a domestic sewing machine! All three were very informative and we came away with some new ideas and tips!

Liz mentioned these Machine Quilting Tips

Chris suggested the book Walk

Rhonda showed us some Ruler Foot Basics

Show & Tell  
Sara, Julie, Chris, Rhonda

Linda G, Linda C, Jen, Julie

  LMQG August - October Challenge 

Wow! Thirty three of you signed up for our next challenge! If you weren't able to be at the meeting and would like to participate, message us and we will choose an element for you! Be sure to use the hashtag to share your progress. Can't wait to see what you make!! 

You can find examples of the 12 modern quilting elements HERE  

Check the meeting minutes tab above for more meeting details.

Upcoming Events  

September 9 Sew Day at the IQSCM We will be assembling blocks for our Quiltcon charity quilt.

September 29 LMQG Meeting: Nancy Goff "Tantalizing Tessellations"

October 4 & 5 Road Trip to AQS Show in Des Moines

October 24 LMQG Meeting: MODern Blocks, create modern quilt designs from traditional blocks. "That's Modern" mini quilt challenge pieces due.

November 11 Sew Day

December 3 Holiday party 


From the IQSCM  
Saturday October 7th

Saturday October 28th

November 17  

From the MQG  

MQG Mini Swap Details Here (Hey Look, it's Sheila!)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August Meeting Reminder

Join us for our August meeting: Domestic Machine Quilting with Liz Thanel, Chris Taylor and Rhonda Eddy. We will discover how to quilt using a walking foot, rulers and free motion quilting, all on your domestic sewing machine. We will also be announcing our next challenge, you'll want to be there to participate!

Remember to bring white fabric donations for our Quiltcon Charity Quilt and your Modern Show and Tell. See you Tuesday, August 29th at the IQSCM!