Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October Meeting Reminder

Time is near for our October meeting.  We hope you join us for a fun  mini trunk show by member Phyllis Higley!!! 

Meeting is Tuesday October 27th from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. at Bernina Sewing Studio 
1265 S Cotner Blvd, Suite 27Lincoln, NE 68510

There is a lot to cover this meeting as it will be our final 'actual' meeting for the year!!  
Show and tell:
We would like to ask members to share any "gift ideas" they might be working on for the upcoming holidays.  Please bring anything else you would like to share.

Charity quilt blocks (D9P) will be collected. Instructions are HERE

Sew Day at the IQSCM on Nov. 14th. We usually meet at noon but some members have asked to start earlier. Please check back on our FB page or blog for times.  This will be an open sewing day, maybe work on holiday gifts or come and make a LMQG name tag!  Mary and Liz will be working on the charity quilt. Please remember to bring your completed quilt block(s) to this Oct. meeting!!!

Also check back about Holiday Party plans in Dec. 

Dues will be collected at this meeting and they are $35.00 for the year.  Please click on the tab "Guild Basics" above and print a copy of the Membership Admission form then fill it out to bring with your dues at the Tuesday Meeting. Or on FB you can go to the tab in the top logo and click on "sign up". Print and then fill out the new member form and bring it to this meeting.

We are going to be holding elections for our leadership positions. The positions below are open to all who feel they fit the criteria, are a paid member and are willing to work as a team to make this guild the best possible 'Modern' guild in our community.

Thanks to  all of you for your support this year! We have grown so much and hope to move forward on this "quilty" journey together. 

President - The president shall: Preside at all general, special and Board meetings; Serve as the primary public contact for the chapter; Coordinate with the VP in planning, inviting,organizing special guest speakers, monthly meeting programs, workshops, classes, field trips and other events; Coordinate with the VP in maintaining a cohesive identity for the Guild; Serve as co-signer with Treasurer on checks of the Guild.
Vice-President - The VP shall: In the absence of the President, conduct General Membership meetings and/or Executive Board meetings; Assume the responsibilities of the President in the event the President cannot complete the term of the elected office; Oversee the review of the Guild Bylaws as necessary; Serve as co-signer with Treasurer on checks of the Guild; Maintain a database of proposed Guild activities, and social events; In conjunction with the President, plan and organize General Membership meetings and other events, including special events, guest speakers, workshops, and field trips.
Secretary - The Secretary shall: Record minutes during Exec. Board meetings and General Membership meetings. All recorded minutes must be approved by the members of the Board before they are published on the LMQG website; Publish the minutes within 30 days of the meeting date; Lead and facilitate meetings when the Pres and VP are unable to attend general meetings; Create, collate, and copy Guild fliers and announcements for each board meeting; Draft Executive Board and General Membership meeting agendas and make them available to the Ex. Board for editing; Serve as co-signer with Treasurer on checks of the Guild. 
Treasurer - The Treasurer shall: Receive all bank and Guild monies; Maintain bookkeeping records of all funds; Disburse funds as authorized; Serve as co-signer with other authorized Officers on checks of the Guild; Make a financial statement available for the members; Provide a financial statement to the Ex. board.
Social Media Coordinator -  The Soc. Media Coordinator shall: Maintain the Guild website and Guild e-mail accounts; Add website functions as necessary; Maintain online photo groups; Arrange for photographer to cover meetings and other guild events; Maintain online social media accounts; Serve as co-signer with Treasurer on checks to the Guild.

We hope that members will all step up to form committees to assist the Executive Leadership Board.  Some ideas for committees would be: Hospitality, Special Projects like quilt shows, quilting bees or swaps etc..., Programs, Philanthropy and Archivist. Committees can be suggested by any member to the Executive Board for consideration. 

More information will be available in our By-Laws (currently work in progress).

This is an opportunity to help shape the "Modern" Quilt Guild in our community to be all that you want it to be.  I hope you will consider nominating yourself or asking a friend if you can nominate them. 

Thank you! 

and one more thing......If you are currently a member of the MQG the deadline for QuiltCon 2016 is fast approaching. Please look at sign up info HERE 

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