Wednesday, October 7, 2015

September in review! Improv Sew Day this Saturday

It was "Back to School" Night at the Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild!  We had four demonstrations of simple techniques that will be easy to incorporate into your future modern quilt designs. 

First up we had Colleen James and daughter, Brooke.

~ Easy curve cutting and piecing 
Mary Farrington-Brown demonstrated Magic 8 half-square triangles. 
Next Nancy Goff showed us how to sew "Y" seams with ease. 
Lastly, Kris Jarchow demonstrated a Glue Baste technique to piece QAYG(quilt as you go) blocks together. 

Lots to think about with our meeting year almost to a close. Leadership elections will be happening in the next month. If you are interested in one of the leadership roles: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer and Media person, just contact Mary Farrington-Brown, Kris Jarchow or Colleen James to throw your name in.  Think of how you can contribute to the continuance of 'modern' quilting in our local area.  A great team can work together to encourage, learn and share more about modern quilting.  Now is your chance to make a difference.

Leaders must be a paid member. Our dues for next year will be $35. payable to the Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild. This membership will allow us to officially join the National Modern Quilt Guild.  We pay a percentage to the Nat'l guild based on our enrollment.

The current leaders are working on the bylaws. As soon as they are ready we will post them to the blog under "Guild Basics". The bylaws include information about leadership roles. If you have any questions on these before we have them posted please feel free to contact Mary Farrington-Brown (fourshadesofgrey at hotmail dot com)or Kris Jarchow (kristiejarchow at gmail dot com).
We hope to have a downloadable registration form also on the blog under "Guild Basics" soon. This will be for paying dues and getting correct registration information for guild use only.  Look for those soon.

Outreach Charity Project:
A bit about the 2015 Charity quilt we want to do: We are asking members to make D9P blocks.  Read more about what to do to make your blocks for the October meeting HERE 
Any questions contact Mary Dittenber, Liz Thanel or Kris Jarchow. 
 sample 9 patch block

New at Bernina: 
Sheila Green shared a few new items from the Bernina Sewing Studio. Quick Curve Ruler and Book and Freshly Pieced Pattern.  Check out the newsletter from Bernina studio called Bernina Buzz for more classes and info.

3 Visitors from the Nebraska State Guild: Merikay Berg, Marty Kleppinger, and Linda Anderson. (pictured below )
Show and Tell:
Lots of fun projects were shared.
 Linda Crump shows off the Nebraska block
JoAnn Jones shows off her improv pillow
Chris Taylor and improv log cabins

Important: Info for Improv Sew Day Saturday Oct 10th.
If you would like to join us for our afternoon of sewing at the IQSCM please do. If you would like to participate in the Round Robin Improv Sewing score you must bring the following to the sew day and be ready to start sewing at noon.

Upcoming Improv Sewing day is Oct 10 at 12p.m. at IQSCM. The group will be attempting to do a Round Robin score from the Sherri Lynn Wood book. If anyone is interested there are supplies that need to be prepared before coming that day.  We will not have a discussion this month but start right in on the round robin. Be ready to start at 12:15.
Anyone wanting to sew on their own projects are welcome.

Approximate supplies:
3 yards of large scraps plus 2 -3 pieces that are the WOF and 1/4 to 1/2 yards long.

Fabrics should be cohesive in range of values and have a focused group of colors.

1 yard of Signature fabric. This fabric will only be added by you to each quilt.

some rogue or zinger fabric to throw into your quilt for excitement

an iron and pressing surface of your own or to share since this will move pretty fast it would be nice to have at your own station.

All your fabrics should be in an open box or container.  Each person will start with their own box of fabric to create your first part of your quilt.  When time is up (approx. 20 minutes) you will pass your box and your started quilt onto another member.  The only fabric you keep at your table is your signature piece.   You will now work on the quilt passed to you. Adding fabric to their piece from their box of fabric. You can add as much as you can sew in approx. 15 minutes. Don't forget to add your bit of signature fabric to their quilt.
When time is up the box and quilt will be passed to someone else and you will get a new piece to work on.

Should be fun.  Questions about the Round Robin can be directed to

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